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Rethinking Resilience: Trends and Strategic Insights from GivingTuesday’s 2022 Lookback Report



July 26, 2023
1:00pm ET




Woodrow Rosenbaum
Chief Data Officer


1 hour


Over the last year, we’ve all heard the alarm bell ringing across the sector that financial giving is down. While this should be an urgent call to action for many, our research shows that it obscures a much brighter truth: generosity, in all its forms, remains strong and resilient globally.

Join us as we dive into these results and much more from GivingTuesday’s 2022 Lookback Report, Rethinking Resilience. Reflecting the full breadth of data and analysis from the GivingTuesday Data Commons, this webinar will explore giving trends around the world in 2022, aiming to inform new ideas, strategies, and observations for 2023 and beyond.

A few key questions we’ll explore in this webinar:
– How resilient is generosity worldwide and how many people give?
-How do generosity behaviors vary across countries and communities?
-Are older generations more generous, or are younger generations taking the lead on generosity?

In this session, we’ll delve into a wide variety of giving behavior from the USA, India, Brazil, Kenya, the UK, and beyond. Critically, we’ll take a close look at the types of giving often excluded from other reports: giving time, money, items, and voice. We’ll also cover trends for a wide range of giving contexts, including giving to community groups and non-family individuals, in addition to nonprofits.

You will have the opportunity to hear directly from leaders of the GivingTuesday Data Commons who helped build this year’s report. And they’re not just bringing facts and figures: they’ll also discuss the strategic recommendations from our report that aim to help those in the giving sector overcome current challenges and obstacles.

This session will offer live translation in Spanish. Automated captions are available in English and a number of other languages through Zoom’s new translation function. We will record the session and send it to you, along with the resources mentioned in the presentation, after the live webinar date.

This webinar is made possible thanks to a generous gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

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