Is there a place for healing through art in the space of scientific wellness? Arivale thinks so and is investing in the Twist Out Cancer community!

Online news headlines are full of words like “genomics”, “scientific wellness” and “health analytics.” The ability to harness personal health data is revolutionizing how we all think of our bodies and minds. As a community that embraces survivorship, Twist Out Cancer seeks to maximize physical, mental and emotional wellness and is honored to partner with Arivale in the through December 31, 2018. “At Arivale, we are dedicated to helping people live healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives,” says Clayton Lewis, Arivale Co-Founder and CEO.

On November 3, Brushes with Cancer Chicago VIP guests received an annual membership with Arivale as part of a community giving donation. Founded in 2000 by systems biologist Lee Hood, MD, PhD; immunologist Alan Aderem, PhD; and protein chemist Ruedi Aebersold, PhD. Arivale was established on the belief that the conventional models for exploring and funding breakthrough science have not caught up with the real potential of what is possible. Arivale was born at the world-renowned Institute for Systems Biology as the One Hundred Person Wellness Project.

The goal was simple: to be your wellness partner, for life. Arivale is defined by the combination of data, coaching, and your actions. But behind the scenes, there’s one other goal. With data from members who consent to add their de-identified data to a company data set, they’ve been able to conduct unprecedented research into human health and longevity that has the potential to impact generations to come. US-based residents can join Arivale’s free One-Week Wellness Kickstart at any time between Nov. 1, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2018.

The Wellness Kickstart provides seven days of tips and challenges from Arivale’s team of scientists, clinicians, and licensed nutritionists. Simply text TWIST to 206-202-1223 or visit to register for the challenge and Arivale will donate $1 to Twist Out Cancer for the first 50,000 who join.

The Wellness Kickstart aims to improve the health of participants while raising money for those touched by cancer. Program participants receive a text message each day with a simple lifehack designed to optimize their health and help minimize their cancer risk. Texts are focused on simple tasks, such as: Increasing exercise, reducing sugar intake, getting more sleep, drinking more water, spending time in nature, making time for self-care, increasing social interaction. It is because of their generosity that we will be able to expand and grow our Brushes with Cancer program to include thousands of survivors, survivors, and caregivers from around the world. We are thrilled Arivale designed this Wellness Kickstart challenge to help people easily jumpstart their health.