I received an unsolicited letter from an organization in NorthWest Haiti called Lemuel. This organization serves on one of the driest plateaus in the Northern Hemisphere. Water is challenging to find, and when it is found is often undrinkable. Trees have been mostly chopped down for charcoal, causing deforestation in what was once a dense forest (further impacting the dry climate).

We support this plateau in many ways, including providing them with a tangible resource: highly nutritious food packed in sealed bags with a 3 year shelf life. This allows a supply of food in times of crisis (like Hurricane Matthew a few years ago), and gives this organization a resource they can use as currency. They then create jobs to move the plateau into a self-sustaining region, and pay people in Kids Against Hunger food.

Manis, the director of Lemuel, wrote to me saying, "The boxes allow us to support our community while giving the people a sense of dignity and value.... through the Food-for-Work programs, we allow them to participate in providing for their families and developing their community without creating the dependency of free handouts."

Kids Against Hunger gives every man, woman, and child and opportunity to be an active participant in a story bigger than themselves. This is done by funding and facilitating food packing events so that we can continue to carry on our support of organizations throughout Haiti. Each meal packed costs .30 cents and allows us to pack, ship, and deliver to organizations like Lemuel.