Clocking in over 1000 volunteer work hours, with 26 volunteers in one week, miracles have been abounding at our recent volunteer mission trip project to Las Vegas, NV.

When some promised donations fell through and Build and Restore International (BRI) was faced with the challenge of going without sufficient project funds, our team decided to go in faith. The rebuilding project of a small christian school was no small task. Replacing flooring, remodeling the bathrooms, and painting the school building in in one week. We decided by faith to build and know that God will provide to complete this project. Despite having advertised and solicited for sponsors for this effort, we didn't receive the needed resources. However, we felt like we needed to go as our volunteers were all ready to go!

We began our project in Las Vegas in faith completely underfunded for the building effort of the project. God was glorified! BRI was able to donate over $30,000 in labor and materials, remodeling the school as anticipated when last minute volunteers came to support the project with their labor as well as a very generous financial donation to cover the cost of building materials and supplies. As for us, we saw that going with what we have, others will notice our faith and join us to help also. Start something that you are passionate about and others will notice. We have been blessed to see how this project turned out. Not only in asking, but in doing can we truly accomplish more then we ever imagined. We had fun doing it and serving others. Get involved in your community and see how you can make an impact in giving, volunteering, and supporting worthy projects.