This post is part of #GivingTuesday's #WomenWhoGive series, which celebrates women who are making a difference in their communities.

Leanne Pinard Baum, Associate Director of Annual Giving, Seton Hall University 

What inspired you to start giving?

I was inspired to start giving from my parents. They were constantly teaching me ways to give back to our community, and inspiring me to help others. As I grew up, I found organizations that were near and dear to my hard to help with their fundraising initiatives which eventually led to my professional career in Higher Education, being able to help raise money for student scholarships.

What does giving mean to you? Why do you continue to give your time, talents, money, or more to your community?

Giving back to my community allows me to make an impact in the lives of others. Whether I am giving of my time, talents or money, I know that I could be changing someone’s day just by being involved!

What would you tell others who are looking to start giving back? Share a piece of advice will help them get started.

If you’re looking to give back, my advice is to know that no amount of time or money is too small. Initiatives like Giving Tuesday show how small gifts can make a huge impact!

Please share a favorite moment or story from when you volunteered or donated to an organization.

I LOVE Giving Tuesday! I call it my favorite holiday! Having a single day to support organizations that are truly making a difference in the lives of others is absolutely amazing! Giving Tuesday has opened many doors for organizations to receive additional support! Although you can always give on any day of the year, Giving Tuesday is one of my favorites! I have been involved in and initiated events on Giving Tuesday since it started, and I am proud to share this special day with others!

One of my favorite memories is from an event I volunteered for with The Guide Dog Foundation for their first annual “Dogs On The Catwalk.” That event showed me first hand how this organization impacts the lives of people who are visually impaired by pairing them with a service dog. It was truly an amazing experience to have a role in their fundraising initiatives!