Help us kick off this charitable season by supporting Wright Institute Los Angeles' work to provide affordable ongoing psychotherapy services to our community in LA. We strongly believe that WILA's work in the community is so essential, especially during the holidays. Many people face loneliness and depression during this time of year, as the holidays bring up many memories of family, childhood lost connections or long-gone experiences over which people often grieve during this period.

WILA has always been an advocate in the community for people’s stories. We strongly hold that it is a courageous act to come forward and tell your story. We believe that individuals should not have to do this alone. We know that there are multiple socio-cultural barriers which keep the most vulnerable members of our community from getting the help they want and need. This is the reason that we fight to ensure no arbitrary limits are placed on session frequency or duration, and the reason that our non-profit community clinic maintains affordable services for our individuals who would otherwise not be able to tell their story.

Since WILA does not rely on government funding, it is so essential that our more fortunate community members continue to support our mission and help us keep our doors open for those brave individuals who choose to come forward and tell their story. If you feel inspired this #GivingTuesday to help us help our community members to reach out and get help, please click to make your contribution to our efforts. Happy Holidays and happy #GivingTuesday for WILA!