This giving story comes from our #MyGivingStory contest. You can share your story and your chosen nonprofit organization could win a $10,000 grant, or another prize. Visit the contest gallery for inspiration and to vote for your favorites. This story comes from Vickie, who is inspired by the work of Harley's Dream:

I met Harley, a cute little one eyed Chihuahua on facebook of all places. As I followed Harley on I learned that he had spent 10 years in a puppy mill where after he had ceased to be of use as a breeding dog - they threw him away. Thankfully, an angel of mercy found the little dog and brought him to rescue where he was adopted by Rudi and Dan Taylor, the founders of Harley' As I learned more of Harley's story, of the horrors of puppy mills and my love of dogs compelled me to take action. My chance came, the trip was planned to attend the annual Hops & Harley event in Berthoud, Colorado. To my most profound sadness Harley passed away shortly before the event took place in June 2016. Vowing to carry on and show my support we made it to the Event and Harley's Celebration of life. To be in a room surrounded by others so moved by one little dog and his cause to end puppy mills inspired me to continue the fight. Since then, I have met and shared laughter, tears and frustration with friends both met in person and only on social media. I've helped spread Harley's Dream to others, held an awareness and education event at a local venue, participated in a peaceful protest of a pet store selling puppies bred in the mills, emailed city officials and even the president on behalf of Harley's Dream to help end the suffering of those left behind, the future rescues of tomorrow and to stop the cycle for the future.