This giving story comes from our #MyGivingStory contest. You can share your story and your chosen nonprofit organization could win a $10,000 grant, or another prize. Visit the contest gallery for inspiration and to vote for your favorites. This story comes from Becca, who feels so grateful to be able to participate and be herself at Live Arts!

 Live Arts is so much more than just a theatre. It is my artistic home. It is my family. It is one of the few places where I am comfortable to truly be myself, and where I am accepted for who I am. At Live Arts, I am constantly challenged to examine viewpoints other than my own. 

 One of my favorite things about Live Arts is the culture of acceptance for all. One of the main focuses is on telling all the stories of our community, including voices that are not often heard. Another key focus is shattering stereotypes by bringing the various parts of our community together. Once you know others in your community, you begin to see them as people instead of a demographic. I believe that each and every person I have met through Live Arts has changed me into a better, more understanding person. It has changed the way I interact with the world around me. 

 For these reasons and so many more, on Giving Tuesday and every day, I will continue to give to Live Arts Theatre. I invite you to join me.