As a war veteran I had a hard time adjusting to life in general and the lack of purpose in my life due to PTSD. My husband found Care for Wild for me, a place rehabilitating rhino orphans. I was fortunate to be there at a time when a baby had come in with machete wounds he received when he was trying to protect his mom. 3 years later, Manji, so near and dear to my heart, has grown into a handsome rhino.

When I have down days, I think of him and what he has gone through and I am uplifted, as I see he can cope now, with hopes that one day I will be healed. It turns out that while I am helping each of these babies who have seen their moms killed, and some who have received horrific injuries themselves, they are helping my healing process as well. We are learning to trust each other and other people, seeing them thrive makes my heart swell. This nonprofit has become near and dear to my heart and I do not know what I would do without it. Please help me help them in their efforts to rescue all the orphaned rhinos due to the poaching of their moms.