Imagine you're an elementary school student, it’s 2:30 pm on the last day of school before Winter Break and you are about to be free for two weeks!!! But there’s a catch. Where will you get that delicious bowl of oatmeal you had this morning? Will there be enough food in my home to have lunch every day like I do at school? What will Dad or mom have in the pantry? I know, not the type of questions most of us had to ask before winter break, but for our Vista Del Mar students, most of whom come the lowest income families in Los Angeles, that’s the reality of two weeks away from school. No guarantee of food.

We love the spirit that #GivingTuesday brings out from individuals and organizations who rally behind many great causes of humanitarian outreach. This year we look at what we can do this #GivingTuesday for our community and what we see is an opportunity to provide for the most food insecure students and their families when they need it most. This #GivingTuesday we would like to keep our students fed during their two week holiday from school.

Three years ago, we addressed the need to provide a nutrient dense, breakfast and lunch to each and every student at Vista. Because of our donors, we did that. However, the question always remained, what happens when school is out of session? Where do those two meals come from? Last year one of our divisions raised funds to create 75 custom food baskets that provide two weeks worth of non-perishable food. This gave us the idea, what if we could feed all 200 of our most in-need families from our Vista campus and surrounding Vista agencies. Here's what we know is possible, if we can raise $50 per family, we can create with the help of our match donors relief for our students and their families during the winter break.

Thank you!