Janina had been living on the streets of Port-au-Prince for 3 years, her parents having died in the 2010 earthquake. Regular abuse, daily begging, and scrounging for food were her way of life. When survival is not a given, there is no time to think about an education. Janina thought there was no hope for her life.

Janina came to Child Hope International in a desperate situation. Child Hope cared for her immediate needs, such as housing, food, and health. She was able to attend a private school where she was tested for placement. Despite her difficult past, Janina was only a few grades behind. With the stability of a roof over her head and healthy relationships with her caretakers, Janina flourished. She graduated secondary school and through Child Hope found a family in the US to sponsor her visa application. She has been working on her English language classes and plans to attend a US university in the fall of 2018.

Child Hope International operates a Boys’ and Girls’ Home in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We provide care for the orphaned and create hope for families in Haiti through Christian-motivated care, relationships, and training. Our vision is to provide orphan care that reduces the future demand for orphan care in Haiti.

Thanks to generous donations and the help of the #GivingTuesday movement, we are able to continue to provide holistic care for these orphaned children. Education is a key factor in reducing the demand for orphan care. Adults who have had some schooling spend more time with their children, tend to do more family planning, have better career opportunities, earn more money, are healthier, and are more engaged in their communities. We hope that #GivingTuesday awareness of this need globally, not just in Haiti, will spread and create more educational opportunities for many underprivileged children. There are many causes asking for support for #GivingTuesday but students like Janina need this support no matter what time of the year. Right now, we help 27 children pursue their education at Child Hope International. Please help break the poverty cycle in Haiti by investing in education for children like Janina.