One of the most popular tropes in television and film, time travel has captivated our minds again and again. From "Back to the Future" to Hulu's new series, "Futureman", popular culture can't get enough time traveling. However, what is the core purpose of time traveling? Isn't it to explore and learn from the past, and often to shape and change the future for the better? From a young age, I've been inspired by the films and books regarding journeys through time.

I decided to harness this rich fascination in making an organization dedicated to time travel and other sci-fi inspired research. I wanted to create an organization with lofty, sometimes whimsical pursuits, but also be realistic and encourage kids to get into scientific fields. It's also important that as "Time Travelers" we make the present as good as it can possibly be. This year, we launched a virtual event open to anyone who's participating in #GivingTuesday.

For our event, we're asking everyone to take 10 minutes to "Time Travel". After the hysteria of Black Friday and Cyber Monday winds down, our hope is to get everyone participating to take a moment to reflect on the past and meditate on how great the future can be and do something to make it happen in the present!

We hope it's a unique way to get people involved and highlight various non-profits and charity organizations around the country. To participate, we're asking folks to join the official Facebook event, then on #GivingTuesday at 11:28 AM in their respective time zones we ask everyone to:

1. Reflect on the past. (2 min)

2. Envision what you want the future to be like. (2 min)

3. Make a donation of any amount to any charity that will propel us toward the timeline that you dreamed up. (4 min)

4. Tell the world about it by posting the name of your charity and donation amount to this event wall so we can tally the results! (2 min)

Visit the Facebook event for a list of highlighted organizations.

ABOUT TIMETRAVELERS.ORG : We're building a non-profit dedicated to celebrating the rich history of time travel in popular culture, while promoting events to raise money for worthy charities in the present and funding actual sci-fi-inspired research to bring in the future. JOIN US!