The Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation gives students an opportunity to build character and moral values while learning to play tennis. The Foundation stresses honesty, patience, concentration, believing in ones self, strength, and never using the words "I Can't".

These skills, we believe, transfer to the classroom and life in general. All of the above are needed to master tennis. We've seen this manifest as we teach.

Ex. One of my students in a previous class had a brain tumor removed. I supported the family during this time. The student wrote back and thanked me for support, but the touching thing was when she expressed how the teaching of strength helped her to overcome fear of her condition.

This foundation continues the tradition of Joe Johnson, a city recreation worker whom taught tennis in this department. He was very passionate about this sport. We offer free tennis lessons in the Youth and Family Development Recreation Center, which he worked in and is now newly re-named.

We teach during the summer program months of June and July teaching 200+ students per week. We focus on natural ability and students whom really have a desire to play tennis. These students continue in the program at outdoor and indoor courts year-round. Will you join in and promote this foundation with your donation on Giving Tuesday?