At the Atlanta Dream Center, every day we learn someone’s story. Every day, we are introduced to a human being who has been walking through life looking for truth, looking for love, and looking for freedom. Over time, we have come to learn that just as Jesus encountered everyone He met with an opportunity, an invitation, an outstretched hand to walk into the light, so can we. So should we. That is Angela’s story. Angela is not her real name, but we will call her Angela to protect her identity.

Angela, like many in the city of Atlanta, drives with Lyft. One long night of driving, she received a notification for a pickup near the Atlanta Jail. Two other drivers had already turned down the pickup, with reasonable concern. Atlanta is prime for Lyft drivers, but there are not many who will jump on the opportunity to do jail pickups. Angela, however, is not like everyone. While others declined, she saw potential for divine opportunity and decided to do the pickup--knowing the level of danger she could be putting herself in. Also knowing that whoever she was picking up, was someone that Jesus loves. Pulling up to the pickup spot, she greeted the woman warmly and even invited her to sit up front with her. While commuting to the rider’s destination, she was surprised and blessed as the woman began to open up to her about her life story.

Angela quickly discerned, from the training she had experienced with Out of Darkness a ministry of Atlanta Dream Center, that her passenger was being exploited and trafficked. So Angela took action. She encouraged the woman to call the hotline for Out of Darkness and remained with her until the rescue team arrived to safely transport her to a safe home. Angela beautifully represents the heart of the Atlanta Dream Center--seeing the light of God in every dark area and taking advantage of every moment to make Him known. Our heart is to reach, rescue, and restore men, women, and children so that the glory of God would be made known! Every single day there are more and more stories just like Angela’s. This is why #GivingTuesday is so important, coming together to bring restorative care to men, women, and children. Join the Movement with Atlanta Dream Center.