One day, two friends and I were in the car. The latest release was amazing and we all wanted some. My mom was driving that day…she told us that we were unlikely to convince our parents to buy them because we were still growing… How many shoes have you outgrown in the last year? She asked us. We thought about that, but we still wanted the shoes. She then informed us that there were kids in other countries that didn’t even have ONE pair of nice shoes. She told us that when she visited Jamaica she saw kids using cardboard for shoes…and they walked everywhere. That really hit home for us. We started talking about finding a way to send the shoes we’d outgrown to those kids in Jamaica. Even weeks afterwards we were still bothered by this image of kids with no shoes. So, we got together again and talked about how we could help. We made a decision and set a goal to send them 1000 pair of sneakers! We knew then we would need to solicit some help. We decided to form a non-profit. Now two years later, we’ve sent 1200 pairs of shoes to Jamaica, 900 pairs to Ghana, and 1000 to Houston. We’d love your support!