Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary was started in 1989 by Linda DeEulis to provide a place for injured or orphaned wildlife to have a second chance for survival. Since its beginning, we have cared for a variety of different birds and animals. Some of the animals that we have cared for include fawns, pronghorn fawns, and elk calves. We also have rehabilitated bear cubs, bobcats, foxes, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and chipmunks. We take in a wide variety of birds such as hawks, owls, falcons, woodpeckers, nutcrackers, waterfowl, and baby songbirds, just to name a few. It is our mission to try and help as many of these animals as we can, and release them back into the wild. Each animal or bird has a specific plan for their care and feeding. We are the only facility in the state of Idaho that is certified to rehabilitate and release bear cubs, and to date we’ve taken in 8 bear cubs since spring of 2017, and released 6 of them back to the wild. We have two forested enclosures that allow the cubs to reconnect with their climbing skills, foraging, and if necessary, learn how to make their dens to hibernate. In 2016, we had 15 bear cubs that we had over the winter, and successfully released them back to the wild. Snowdon is also the only off-grid wildlife sanctuary in the United States, so that presents many challenges. We run totally from propane fueled generators, and some solar power. We never know what type of animal will be brought to us, so we rely on the expertise of our wildlife biologists, and local veterinarians to assist in their care plan, as well as the resident manager. It is very exciting to see them get to the point that we can feel confident of their survival.