This year, we're hosting a fundraising lunch on #GivingTuesday to kick off our end of year giving season. In preparation for the lunch, I had the honor of interviewing one of our current matches, Big Sister Kayla and Little Sister Melissa. Kayla decided to volunteer as a Big Sister when she was only 18 years old herself. Even as a young woman, she understood the importance of personal relationships and giving back to the community. Melissa’s mom enrolled her as a Little Sister so that she’d have a positive older friend to look up to. When Kayla and Melissa got matched, Melissa had been waiting for a Big Sister for quite a while. Melissa says that now she’s glad for that wait because Kayla is the perfect Big Sister for her. Kayla and Melissa have been together for 5 years now, since Melissa was 11. Over the years, they have become so connected and close that they truly feel like sisters. When Kayla got married earlier this year, she asked Melissa to be one of her two bridesmaids. Melissa enthusiastically agreed, and even gave a toast during the reception. Melissa likes to point out that she has known Kayla longer than David (Kayla’s husband). Kayla said she asked Melissa to be in the wedding because she “couldn’t have imagined it any other way.” Seeing the bond between matches like Kayla and Melissa is what inspires me to work for, and give back to, BBBSCR.