There is “…Nothing like having a roof over your head, food to eat, and a room to myself.”

That’s the testimony of a sweet, quiet lady called Catherine*. While many of us take our houses and regular meals for granted, there are others, like Catherine, who know what it’s like to be without these necessities. Homeless for two years on the streets of Harrisburg, PA, Catherine faced a day-to-day struggle to stay warm, fed, and safe. Thankfully for Catherine, a home was found for her at Paxton Ministries.

Since 1981, Paxton Ministries has sought to provide housing, help, and healing for adults in need in our community. Here, Catherine, along with many others like her, enjoys the stability, warmth, privacy, and support of a family environment.

Paxton Ministries has launched #GivingTuesday campaigns over the last several years to raise funds to support people just like Catherine. Last year, through the generosity of donors and a matching gift, we exceeded our goal and raised enough funds to provide comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals, and a variety of support services and activities for several adults for an entire year! We have personalized our #GivingTuesday campaign by combining the logo of Paxton Ministries and the #GivingTuesday logo to create a unique design for social media. This year we are encouraging our supporters to stop in to visit us at our Paxton Street Home and get their photograph taken with fun props at our #UNselfie Booth. As our supporters visit our home, they will be surrounded by tangible reminders of what their gift means to us.

*Name has been changed for privacy.