Who would have thought that paper bags could replace pesticides for peach growers?

Recently a researcher and farmer team received a grant from the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) to investigate a low-cost organic method of reducing pests and diseases by putting protective paper bags on the peaches while they grow. And it worked! Peaches grown organically in paper bags have better flavor and less pests and diseases. Plus, these peaches will not need to be sprayed with pesticides.

It is research like this that encourages farmers to transition to organic systems. The Organic Farming Research Foundation exists because organic solutions like these need to be scientifically tested for farmers to be confident in using them. We fund the innovative research needed to ensure farmers have access to tools and best practices that encourage organic production, working within the ecological systems that govern the biology of the soil and all living organisms.

We are so thankful for the growing public support of organic farming and want to raise awareness of and encourage community support for organic research. Farmers count on research to help increase their crop yields, control pests and get a leg up in the marketplace. Because their livelihood depends on robust crops, farmers typically adopt whatever method of farming will most ensure their success. That’s why organic research matters.