Around the country, communities are coming together on #GivingTuesday. Our community leaders range from volunteer leaders to community foundations to large nonprofit organizations. What they have in common is a belief that bringing the community together around the spirit of collective generosity on #GivingTuesday has ripple effects far beyond the day. In this series, we’re sharing some of the highlights of #GivingTuesday community campaigns.


New York State

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Q&A with Emily Cote, VP, Strategic Communications & Stakeholder Engagement at New York Council of Nonprofits

Q. A statewide campaign is an ambitious undertaking. Tell us about NYGivesDay.

A. #NYGivesDay is a 24-hour giving challenge developed in partnership by the New York Council of Nonprofits and United Way of New York State to celebrate the life-changing work of nonprofits across the vast state of New York. Powered by GiveGab, #NYGivesDay is a day for nonprofits to come together, share their stories, and collect online donations! On November 28, 2017, coinciding with this year's #GivingTuesday movement, nonprofits across the Empire State will work together to raise awareness, collect donations, and continue changing the world for the better!

Q. Tell us about your organization and why you decided to lead a #GivingTuesday community campaign.

A. The New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) works together with our members, other nonprofits, communities, funders and stakeholders to build the capacity of nonprofits and communities to enhance the quality of life through responsive, cost-effective service and by forming a long-term, multi-layered service relationship with our member nonprofits.

We also work in close partnership with government (federal, state and local) and the private sector (community foundations, private foundations, and United Ways) to educate and directly assist their nonprofit constituencies.

#GivingTuesday is a natural fit with our mission.

Q. What's your goal? How are you building awareness and excitement?

A. Our goal is to create a sense of unity among NYS nonprofits, while also providing a low-cost platform to help nonprofits (especially the smaller ones) maximize their exposure on #GivingTuesday. Hundreds of nonprofits participate, and last year the event generated over $11 million in donations. We've been using paid social media ads, email campaigns, PR and more to spread the word, tagging everything with the #NYGivesDay hashtag.

Q. New York State is so diverse, how does a statewide campaign work?

A. The wide breadth of organizations coming together as part of #NYGivesDay is inspiring. Animal rights, spiritual and religious, human services, and countless other missions are showcased under one roof, which helps to paint a beautiful picture of the impact nonprofits have on our community from the smallest towns to New York City. Nonprofits are truly woven into our social fabric at every level.

Q. Is there a campaign that pulls on your heartstrings?

A. The #NYGivesDay Facebook page is filled with stories like these, but here is one short example:

“I'm participating in #NYGivesDay because the money raised on that day will help us build a state-of-the-art ambulance simulator at our EMS training center. The ambulance simulator will allow our rural EMS providers to hone their skills in a realistic environment before they need to use those skills in a real emergency." - Jeff, Prevention Coordinator at Southern Tier Health Care System.