Since our new non-profit opened we have had a consistent need for shoes. Our teens arrive wearing shoes that are too big, too small or most times their shoes are in very poor condition & some falling apart. Basic canvass tennis shoes for teen boys and girls in our city are in high demand. We recently got a call from a school counselor who shared that 2 students couldn't attend class because they didn't have proper footwear. We also met a teen girl who needed orthopedic shoes, she was a 9.5 triple E.

When we sponsored her a NEW pair of special shoes, she said "I didn't get any sleep last night, because I knew I would get a pair of shoes today that would fit". We have seen teens arrive at the boutique to shop and the shoes they are wearing have the soles coming off. We have had teens get so excited & even relieved with a new pair of shoes sharing, "I won't get made fun of now or be bullied because I have nice shoes now". There is that old saying, "You won't understand until you walk a mile in my shoes". We are trying to do our part so our teens can walk that next mile, this time in new shoes, shoes that fit, shoes that are comfortable & even orthopedic shoes for a better quality of life.