When one thinks of a library, one usually thinks of the books within – and many people stop there. However, today’s libraries are more than just books and a quiet place to read them. Today’s libraries are bustling centers for community, and the Free Library of Northampton Township is one of those busy places. Recently, the Free Library of Northampton Township earned a Gold Star Rating from the Pennsylvania Library Association’s PA Forward initiative. The PA Forward initiative ensures that libraries are providing programming and resources for their communities that address five core literacies: Basic, Civic & Social, Financial, Health, and Information.

Our library staff is committed to seeing Northampton Township prosper and grow, and we know that providing the right tools and resources for our citizens is a crucial piece of ensuring a bright future. Story times, Read to the Dogs, and our many adult Book Clubs provide a solid foundation for Basic Literacy in our community. Can’t get to the library? Look online, and you’ll find Lynda, LearningExpress, and Brainfuse online homework help to support you even when you’re at home. Programs like Toddler Playgroup, Civics for Grownups, and even our Monday Night Coloring Club support Civic and Social Literacy. The library’s Museum Pass Program helps our residents visit cultural institutions in and around our community. Through partnerships with local businesses, the library is able to provide quality information on topics like avoiding identity theft to better promote Financial Literacy. We are also a location for free AARP tax help during Tax Season – provided you are 55 or older, that is! The library also provides access to a variety or business resources like ValueLine, Investor’s Business Daily, Morningstar, Financial Times, and Barron’s. Yoga and Martial Arts at the Library? Oh yes! Thanks to local businesses and teachers donating their time, the library frequently offers introductory classes to promote Health Literacy. The library can also teach you where to find reputable health-related information online (MedlinePlus!) and find reliable information for you in the library, too. Is that tablet you got as a gift giving you trouble? The library can help you learn to make better use of it! Information Literacy is supported through computer classes and one-on-one tech help. At the library, using your smartphone won’t run up your data, either – we have free wi-fi! Visit the Free Library of Northampton Township today – we just might change your life!