Tavara Johnson became homeless at age 16. For four years, she spent months at a time couch surfing and bouncing from home to home.

Enter Housing Up. Thanks to Housing Up, Tavara was able to find stable housing and turn her attention to her career. Tavara, working as a nurse, was looking to further her education and become a certified phlebotomist, but she struggled to find the time and money to go back to school between working a full-time job and caring for her young daughter Kimora, age 11.

With support from Housing Up’s Family Success Program, Tavara applied to and received the Elizabeth K. Weisburger Scholarship, given to applicants who’ve shown the ability to achieve even in the face of adversity. With the scholarship funding, Tavara returned to school and became a nationally certified phlebotomist! She is currently enrolled in DC’s Trinity University to obtain a B.S in Nursing. Tavara Johnson is a perfect example of the potential that is realized when human services organizations are supported, as well as a great reminder of the people who can fall through the cracks without your aid.

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