The children you see in the picture above are just one story, of the millions of displaced, internally and externally, from the brutal war in Syria. While you see the level of discomfort in their background, you also see a smile on their precious faces, showing resiliency and a sense of happiness despite the terrible position they are in. They are homeless and living in makeshift homes that are cold and uncomfortable. Many have lost family members and many have been wounded by the war, either losing a limb or eye, or another important part of their young bodies. Many have not had access to the most basic rights of human life, including any access to healthcare. Many have not even had their vaccinations. UOSSM USA wants to help keep that smile on those, and thousands of other children’s faces. We will be running a mobile clinic in the next month, that will provide quality healthcare, free of charge, to an area of an estimated 19,000 internally displaced persons in Al Shayah Farms, in southern Syria. The mobile clinic will focus on women and children’s care as it will have a pediatrician and a mid-level midwife on staff daily. On this #GivingTuesday, UOSSM USA's #GivingHealthday we hope to give hope, to ease the suffering, and to rebuild a sense of comfort and some sense of safety as children and their families visit the clinic. You can help! Every $25 can provide care to three children, $50 can provide medications to 10 patients and $100 can provide gynecological services to 10 women! Please join us on #GivingTuesday so we can give the basic right of healthcare to those who need it most!