I asked my son Robert what he wanted for Christmas in 2015 and he replied "Just socks, Ma". I gave him socks and he walked out my front door on Christmas Day and I never saw him again. Robert died on March 10, 2016 from a heroin overdose, just 5 days before his 29th birthday. I filled out his birthday card to mail and 3 hours later got the call that he was gone.

I have started a sock drive in honor of my son. Last year I collected over 400 pair of socks and donated them to our local homeless shelter Open Door Mission. The director Chris Scribani has endorsed this drive.This years goal is 1,000 pairs.

I can no longer get socks for my boy but I can help keep other feet warm. I hope that my message brings light and hope to those less fortunate. We take for granted the little things in life that are so important. I would love to know my son didn't die in vain and shed some light on a desperate situation. Shelters aren't allowed to take used socks therefore they don't often get many donations of these. Any silver lining I can add to this gray cloud is a blessing and gives me hope.