As we struggle to make sense of the disasters, violence, and inequality all around us, the answer is at our fingertips. Indigenous Peoples hold and foster the very worldview that has allowed humans to live in balance with the planet for millennia, and listening to Indigenous elders now is critical to our survival as a species. Indigenous wisdom can teach us how to live according to the value of reciprocity, in a constant flow of gratitude and exchange for mutual benefit, and to care for and be nourished by the sacred.

Sacred Fire Foundation supports the continuance of Indigenous wisdom and strives to raise awareness about the values of the Indigenous worldview as a way to effect social change and transform the world in which we live. We envision a global society that prioritizes balance, community and connection, and helps to sustain all life on earth. Traditionally, the ancient wisdom of Indigenous Peoples was transmitted orally, passed down this way from generation to generation. In today’s globalized and technology-focused world, the most effective way to share this critical wisdom among people of different cultures and generations seems to be through a variety of media. For this reason, the focus of our 2017 #GivingTuesday campaign is on supporting our Media Program, which seeks, through the power of digital media, to amplify and spread the message of ancestral wisdom so needed in these times. Here is a short video offering from Unangan elder Ilarion Merculieff, recipient of Sacred Fire Foundation’s 2017 Wisdom Fellowship Award.