Healwell is changing healthcare. When Healwell's massage therapists, educators and researchers participate in the care of the most vulnerable patients in our nation's hospitals, it matters. Every human can benefit from less pain and less anxiety, not to mention a touch that says, "We're in this together. I see you." Meaningful integration of skillful, kind, knowledgeable massage therapists into the standard of care makes an indisputable difference in the experience of being sick, of getting well and of healing, even when that healing means easing into dying. Healwell brings human touch, compassionate presence and openness to the experience of being sick. Therapists learn with us and take their unique skills back to their own communities to demonstrate the power of being still, being curious and knowing when and how to support humans living and dying with illness. Our own team of therapists also works throughout the Washington, DC area to bring caring, specially adapted massage to palliative care, oncology and pediatric patients in our hands-on programs. When Healwell is part of a hospital’s or clinic’s team, thoughtful collaboration, interprofessional teamwork and a dedication to humble, patient, present caring can and do result in outcome-improving, evidence-based clinical excellence…and happier, more comfortable humans. People ask us, “How can you do that work? It must be so hard.” We say, “How can we not?” Illness, aging and dying can all be hard, lonely jobs, but they don’t have to be. Healwell knows there’s another way to do all of it and we’re making it happen, one human at a time.