Hello! We are Dogs on Duty and we are a 501c nonprofit.

Did you know this year alone we have lost over ten Police K9's due to overheating in police vehicles? Why? Because of the lack of life saving equipment, Hot N Pop Systems. Our goal is to help any police department that cannot afford this equipment to get this equipment. Whether they be local or anywhere in the country.

A Hot N Pop System does a few different things.

  1. It allows an officer in distress to pop the back door of their vehicle to allow their K9 partner out to assist them
  2. The K9 is placed in car, car is left running with AC on if car quits or AC quits then the system rolls down windows in back and turns on fan to start to cool the car once it reaches a set temp, then the officer is alerted that the system has been activated.
  3. They have also added a new feature that will activate the system if the K9 is left in the car at the end of the shift.


We had one local officer that we recently equipped with a Hot N Pop System tell a story of having to use the “pop” feature. He was on a call and the suspect was standing outside his car, told him he had a gun and would not comply with the officers requests to get down. They kept trying to get him to cooperate and he wouldn’t, so the officer released his K9 partner. His partner was able to get the suspect down and no one was injured.

We love when these systems keep both our human and K9 officers safe! We also support all working dogs and if there’s anything they need we want to make sure they get it! We have help with Hot N Pop Systems, Kevlar vests, medical bills, and currently we are collecting for Treats for Tails. Treats for Tails is similar to Toys for Tots but for Military K9’s overseas. We collect toys, treats, grooming and other supplies needed for those K9’s serving us! Help us make sure those K9's that help protect us are safe!