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The best feeling that one can have is seeing the goodness that one can give. Giving back to others is one of the most satisfying feelings that one can experience. 

I had the opportunity to experience this first hand last year when I reached out to my organization to help a family close to me whose three month old was diagnosed with cancer. They stepped up and came through with “emergency funds” to assist the family to help out with money for parking, gas, or food while the baby was undergoing treatment. This touched my heart, and it made me want to learn more about this organization. 

On this day, I began my relationship with Gullotta House. I became a Community Advisor where I refer families in need, and I volunteered my time at various fundraisers. The more I learned about Gullotta House, the more I wanted to be a part of it. 

 Gullotta House is a non-profit organization who aids Westchester County residents that are faced with hardships financially, health related, or in other ways. They have donated numerous food vouchers, gas cards, and clothing to those in immediate need. Last year they partnered up with other local merchants to aid several families burnt out of their condominium complex right before the holiday, built a ramp that aided a resident to return home, assisted with burial expenses for a sudden tragic loss, helped out with a 12 year old cancer survivor’s birthday party, gave a disadvantaged child their first pony ride, built an entire patio and backyard to help a quadriplegic rebuild his life with his family, aided with education expenses, sponsored family fun days in several communities, gave local youths many opportunities to interact with the Westchester Knicks, collected 123 turkeys to be handed out, served 135 hot Thanksgiving meals to those alone or in need, provided food for after the funeral for the baby I recommended who lost his cancer battle two weeks before Christmas, and helped Westchester residents to regain their independence through swimming by offering a free program in which transportation, a special wheelchair lift to get into the water, and food were provided for all who participated. This is only a partial list of the many things that Gullotta House has done for our neighboring community last year. 

With continued support and fundraising, this year Gullotta House has been able to help so many Westchester residents in need. In the past four months, Gullotta House has been able to feed over 225 seniors and residents in need on the third Thursday of each month. Not only did the residents get a hot meal, but they were able to take home leftovers for homebound neighbors, family in need, or just something for their next meal. They also helped the children of a local firefighter and EMT who passed away, supported a 21 year old cancer survivor who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, purchased a lap top for a graduating senior whose father passed away to help her succeed in college, aided a veteran suffering from cancer, and provided driving lessons for a single mother with a young child with a disability. The Thanksgiving turkey drive is just beginning as well as preparation for serving over 150 hot Thanksgiving meals to Westchester residents who are alone or just in need. 

Gullotta House’s list just goes on and on. 

 They are preparing to celebrate their second anniversary and are excited to continue helping others. They are constantly seeking opportunities to increase funds so that they can continue helping others in need. I will be celebrating one year of serving as a Board Member of Gullotta House. 

Donating my time to this organization has given me a feeling that can’t be fully explained in words alone. My heart is flowing over and it’s the best feeling ever. Watching the reactions of recipients, reading their letters, and just knowing that you have made a positive difference in someone’s life is absolutely priceless. Their involvement, care, and love for the community have led me there. I proudly support Gullotta House, and I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with them making a difference in the lives in our community. Please visit our Facebook page Gullotta House for updated pictures and news. Gullotta House makes a difference and I know that they have made a difference in my life!

- I wrote this in support of Gullotta House

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