Enrolling in high quality preschool programs is difficult for many military families. They either have limited access due to their location or simply cannot afford the tuition. Every military installation offers childcare for preschool age children, but few focus on early education. The Armed Services YMCA of Fort Leonard Wood understands the importance of a high quality preschool education and offers classes at a very affordable price. Our current preschool teacher has an education degree, certification in Montessori, and ten years of classroom experience. Her assistant is an early childhood education specialist with three years of classroom experience. Both teachers work hard to plan lessons that will prepare their students for kindergarten while instilling a love of learning. Children who have a good preschool experience will carry that love of learning throughout their years of school. Learning through play helps children retain information longer and understand concepts better. Every week the students enter our classroom ready and excited to see what activities the teachers have planned for them. From Weather Boy and Alphabuddies, to art projects and sing alongs the children are constantly being introduced to new concepts in fun and exciting ways. Their excitement does not stop when the day is over though, they cannot wait to get home tell their parents everything they did and learned.