This photo shows my friend Joseph and his dog Spaz. Joseph is seen all over the place with his dog Spaz riding on his shoulders while Joseph rides his bike. Blanket Tampa Bay is working on getting the paperwork completed to make Spaz his support dog. My friend Joseph is homeless and landlords and apartments will not take Spaz unless he is a certified therapy dog. I have found apartments that are affordable so we can give Joseph and Spaz a nice home and get them off the streets. Joseph has been on the streets for 5 years now. I asked Joseph once how he came to be homeless and he stated he used to drive a truck but was in an accident and is now losing his eyesight. Spaz is all the family Joseph has. The funds we have received on #Giving Tuesday helped us get Joseph a new bike so he can pull Spaz in his dog carriage. #GivingTuesday has been an amazing tool to help us help those less fortunate. We have learned names, heard stories and made new friends out of the people we serve. It has been a blessing to us and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time!