In June of this year, more then a dozen foster children gathered before summer camp and wrote their own creative short stories. Three days later a team of actors and musicians joined them at their summer camp, and turned the short stories into a play for the whole camp to see! We all need someone to see the value in what we offer. Children offer us so much through their imagination.

Writer’s Room Productions is dedicated to seeking out the value that all children have through the power of storytelling. Creative writing is more than just a milestone in grade school, it can help students become leaders, encourage stronger coping skills, and help children think outside the box! We take their creative stories and produce them in different ways. Live theater, podcast-theater, and artwork all inspired by the stories of these student authors. There is nothing like watching a child's face light up as they see their story come to life in a room full of their classmates and friends, cheering them on. Writer's Room Productions exists to ignite confidence and creativity in children from all walks of life. Help us create a confidence building experience that will last a life time! Healing through creative writing. #whatstorywillyoutell