The work I am able to do with Jobsite Theater is not only personally enriching, but making a significant impact in the community. In just a few years' time through great partnerships and even better people and organizations who aid us we have grown our education outreach efforts from impacting 200-400 students a year to 10,000 total students in 2018. These outreaches take place in multiple ways throughout the school year. We visit schools before and after they visit our theater, and we also offer special daytime weekday matinees for schools to come to as a field trip. Seeing these students faces light up at their first visit to a theater, or to see them hear and enjoy Shakespeare for the first time, or read the many notes of appreciation after we visit and help them put together a school play is a joy. In 2018 we are excited to offer both a magical performance of Shakespeare's The Tempest starring Roxanne Fay as Prospero, and an adaptation of George Orwell's 1984. The former will be performed for middle and high school students, the latter just for high school students. When we visit the schools we are able to work with a lot more students than just those who are able to attend a production. I am lucky to live in such a great community and be able to do this work.