As a nonprofit community radio station, WPKN has touched the lives of thousands of people through our music, public affairs and news programming. In the past decade alone more that 60 area nonprofits have been able to come onto our community airwaves and tell their story. Here's a little know fact: in the early 1980's WPKN made available--at no cost--a subcarrier of our station to the group CRIS who are able to then provide audio access for people who are blind or print-challenged.

Fact #1: we have programmers from the following countries who provide content in local languages and aimed at respective cultures: Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria and Antigua.

Fact #2: WPKN has two Rock'nRoll Hall of Famers among our programmers.

Fact #3: WPKN programmed an entire month of music, films and other special events as part of our Black History Month celebration this past February.

Fact #4: WPKN produced a live event at the University of Bridgeport that helped to raise money for the Save the Children Puerto Rico Relief Fund as we celebrated Hispanic Heritage

Fact # 5: WPKN has released more than 600 podcasts that deal with community topics stemming from WPKN content radio shows dealing with arts & culture, organic farming; health & wellness, social and economic justice.