Taking a photo is a great way to preserve a memory, but for #GivingTuesday sharing a photo can actually help preserve our farms, forest and riverways. Perfect Supplements set out to create a #GivingTuesday campaign that everyone, regardless of financial means, could participate in. From now until 11:59pm PST on #GivingTuesday (11/28/17), simply share a farm, forest or vegetable photo on social media and tag #PerfectNatureShare and #GivingTuesday. For every photo shared, Perfect Supplements will donate $5 to the Kestrel Land Trust. Full details can be found here

While there are issues that divide us, Perfect Supplements feels strongly that conserving our land and providing fertile places for our food to grow are concepts that we can all agree on. In addition, Perfect Supplements is focused on helping people live a healthier life and having more farms and forests is an excellent way to achieve that goal on a physical, mental and social level.

“Farms, forests and river ways are so important on many different levels. For #GivingTuesday we wanted to figure out a way to help conserve this land and get our readers involved” states Paul Morelli, co-founder of Perfect Supplements. Morelli explains, “Our #PerfectNatureShare provides a way for us to get the readers interested in land conservation and #GivingTuesday, without needing a financial commitment. In addition, who doesn’t love to see photos of farms and forests?"

Perfect Supplements believes that supporting local land conservation organizations like Kestrel Land Trust is important and impactful. Too many people feel they can’t make a difference and that some of the problems facing us are too large to conquer. While we can’t reverse climate change overnight, we can start to make a difference by conserving the forests, simply by sharing a photo.

The #PerfectNatureShare and all the wonderful campaigns connected to #GivingTuesday will show people that they really can make a difference and have a major impact on the world around them. As Morelli concludes, “Everyday we are so impressed by the acts of kindness and compassion that we see all around us, but don’t make it onto the news. People really want to help, do good and make a positive change. We are hoping that picking up the tab for the donations in the #PerfectNatureShare campaign will allow anyone to get involved with #GivingTuesday. Once they feel how empowering it is to be active and making a difference, we are confident they will be inspired to do good at every level.”