Tent Schools International is a non-profit organization bringing safe, compassionate learning environments to displaced children who are fleeing war, persecution and natural disasters. On November 28, 2017, we launch #GivingTentsDay on #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving!

In Lebanon, a young girl named Abeer is benefiting from portable education. She is ten years old and has lived in a tent with her family for four years, since fleeing the war in Syria with her parents and four siblings. During harvest time in the valley, Abeer works the fields to help support her family. Her hours are 7am to 5pm every day, with 30 minutes for lunch. Abeer and refugee children like her are paid $6 for a day’s labor.

Abeer may be displaced, but she is not defeated. She has begun the journey toward a life outside the camps, beyond transience and lack of opportunity. Most refugee children do not have access to education, but Abeer is one of a growing number who are benefiting from a tent school. When harvest is over, Abeer becomes a serious student whose favorite subject is math. She excels when her teacher pushes her to achieve her academic goals, including the ability to read Arabic, a new skill for her. Abeer is thriving in school, and is now first in her class!

Learn more about Tent Schools International on our website at www.tentschoolsint.org. Join the #GivingTentsDay community by giving today, and especially on November 28!