Onondaga Historical Association is running an online fundraiser to restore a donated Empire three-drawer work table made of mahogany and birdseye maple veneer, circa 1840. The piece was donated in 1900 by an early pioneer of Syracuse, William Kirkpatrick. The funds raised from this campaign will be used to restore the broken bottom piece and hand-carved dolphin leg. The piece is truly remarkable and needs to be restored.

As part of our mission at OHA, it is our job to keep the items we have in our collection is excellent condition and tell the stories of the people who have been important to our community. This campaign helps us accomplish both. William Kirkpatrick served as President of Onondaga Historical Association in the late 1800's and was critical in building the thriving salt industry that grew Syracuse into a booming city. He was very active in the community serving on the Common Council. He was known as a man of great integrity around town. When Kirkpatrick passed away in 1900 he donated a large portion of his estate to OHA including books, paintings, furniture, and china. His donations have been part of our collection for 117 years. #GivingHistory is a campaign that reminds people of the importance of keeping the treasures of the past, and their stories, alive.