I volunteer my time (and money) to a group called Lost Dogs Illinois, and have done so for the past 6 1/2 years. LDI is a non-profit organization that posts lost & found dogs on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. (We started partnering with Helping Lost Pets, a nationwide system that helps ALL pets a few years back to widen our scope and audience.)

Being a pet-lover all my life, and having had numerous critters in my home, from anoles and rats to dogs and cats, I am fulfilled by being able to help those who are currently looking for their lost dogs, or looking to reunite found dogs with their owners. I share our tips & suggestions for getting these dogs back home, send flyer templates for owners/finders to use in their quest, respond to emails, private messages, texts and help use any funding that comes our way to provide free Microchip clinics in under-served areas in our state. Our clinics also provide much needed collars, leashes, harnesses, ID tags and pet food samples to the public. My pets have always meant the world to me, and their safety and comfort is uppermost in my life. Any way I can give back to others who have lost their way makes a win-win situation, and there is nothing like calling a despairing owner to let them know a Good Samaritan has found their pup. I live for those happy reunions and posting the "Home At Lasts" on our page!