Throughout the many years of working with families and individuals with disabilities, Fidelity House Human Services has witnessed firsthand the struggles that often come to those who cannot afford items that most of us take for granted on a daily basis. Thus the Giving Tree Campaign was born...a way to give the right gift at the right time to someone who will really appreciate it. This campaign is an online effort that centers on the very specific human needs that the Fidelity House staff members see as they go about their daily work as nurses, case managers, and social workers. Some of our individuals are in need of very specific items, such as winter clothing or new sneakers to replace the ones they have now. For others, it may simply be time off from being a parent or caregiver, for example, a couple who have cared for their son with disabilities and have not been on a date in over 17 years.

“Through the giving tree, I hope Fidelity House can give all the gifts I would buy, if I could afford it, for families who are struggling. Simple gifts bring much joy.” -Pilar Monsalve, Intensive Case Manager, Fidelity House Human Services

The campaign will culminate on #GivingTuesday, November 28th. With your financial support, you can make it possible for Fidelity House to purchase and deliver a gift that will surprise and delight a child, teen or adult with disabilities. For more information, please visit