The National Federation of the Blind has a tremendous impact on the lives of blind people of all ages. Our programs are dedicated to raising expectations for the next generation of blind Americans. Here are some of their stories:

I thought that my education would never go any further than the grade I dropped out of. Coming from a poverty-stricken family and suffering vision loss just seemed to be the deal breaker at any chance to complete high school. Thankfully, I didn’t give up when I absolutely wanted to. Thanks to the influence of the training center staff and the NFB philosophy, I went on to be the first person in my family to earn my diploma, and it is my dream to also be the first person in my family to go to college. With the encouragement of my federation family, I have successfully maintained a full time job for over a year since I became blind. I managed to travel out of state multiple times; during some of the trips I even traveled alone. This may sound rather mediocre to some, but this was the first time I’ve done any of this since I had become blind. To me these are giant steps in my life. The next step for me is to pursue a degree in occupational therapy, social work, or education. It’s amazing to me that when I had sight I could not imagine going to college, and now with the hope I have found in the NFB I have a clearer, more optimistic vision of my future. I know now it is a possibility even if I am blind. My blindness is not a set back and will not be my downfall. I will live the life I want! – 2017 Scholarship Applicant

After going to the 2017 Youth Slam, my son Clarence came home with a confidence I have not seen these fifteen years. We are enjoying watching his independence blossom since he's been home. Words fail to properly express how thankful I am for the mentors that attended and everyone involved. - Mother of attendee of NFB Youth Slam, a summer STEM enrichment camp

My parents have always expected the best from me. That did not change when I became blind. Two months after my car accident in 2006, we found the National Federation of the Blind of Puerto Rico. It was their firm and genuine belief in me that kept my dreams and imagination alive. They introduced me to different techniques and technologies that helped me continue my life like any other young adult. It was through the advocacy efforts of the board members that I studied in the same preparatory high school I was enrolled in before becoming blind. - 2017 Scholarship Finalist

#GivingTuesday contributions will fund things like Braille literacy programs, STEM enrichment camps, scholarships, and free white canes to cultivate confidence and independence. You can live the life you want, blindness is not what holds you back!