When we think about giving and generosity, we think about the resident artists we have the privilege of working with everyday. Our talented staff come to work everyday prepared to share their love of expression by facilitating an art class or come in eager to apply the most innovative music therapy intervention, in the most thoughtful way imaginable. In that process, we are met with open minds and hearts. That willingness to share the innermost personal aspects of oneself is the most generous and giving act one person can give another.

Through the creative arts programs and services Able ARTS Work provides, people with disabilities are met under the premise of possibility. Whether we are engaged in a printmaking class, writing an original song or planning out the script for a multi media production, our staff engage students in the process of self-awareness and expression. Keen to the nuances of each student, our staff tackle the intricacies of life, often connecting through alternate modes of communication to reach personal, social and developmental goals that impact the lives of each person. This year’s campaign will help us to keep creating meaningful, life changing programs and services that will be key in #GivingAccess to over 120 people with developmental disabilities daily. The resident artists who attend Able ARTS Work programs are not only who we serve but who we aspire to be.

Generous and giving. Generous in our ability to create relevant services to change the lives of people. Giving in our commitment to keep advocating for equitable access to life. This holiday season, your contribution will help to keep the momentum of our "Love Before Learning, Learn for Life" philosophy going.