"A community can be measured by the importance that it places on the growth of its children"

We strive to be “that community” and be leaders for educational outreach. Last year’s Freedom Schools Program was a success. Organizations and community leaders are on the rise and are supporting children who are being left behind the learning curve.

Did you see the latest data?

Statistics show that there is an increase in the learning gap, which leads to the dropout rate. There are numerous children from low income families who do not score well on the academic charts. Many students become disinterested and begin to formulate ideas about dropping out of school due to the challenges they have, particularly with core course learning concepts. Children in under-served communities in grades K-12 are waiting for help with learning challenges.

Did you know?

There are Freedom Schools in place in under-served communities to build literacy, help children develop academically, and be empowered to make a difference in themselves and their communities. Scholars are encouraged to set goals and cultivate positive attitudes. Freedom Schools are known for being a top model summer enrichment program across the nation. Since 1995, more than 149,000 children (K-12) have become better readers, writers, critical thinkers, and develop academically from the Freedom School experience. Also, interns receive intensive training to instruct and coach scholars from K-12. The intensive training that the interns receive helps them to develop and progress to permanent careers after the end of the Freedom School summer session.

Is a difference being made in underserved communities?

We are not waiting around to find out. We are on a mission to help improve literacy, curb learning gaps and summer learning loss. Underprivileged children are able to get adequate time, attention and other resources needed to achieve academically, and grow from early learners to college/career ready; developing into productive individuals in the community. It is important to continue partnering with organizations and communities leaders who have similar priorities to serve communities in need.

~Supporting under-served communities on #GivingTuesday~