Our organization helps people that are homeless and are drug addicted.

I am a Mom, I lost my son to a drug overdose March of 2014. I decided to use my pain and heartache to help others on the street suffering from drug addiction. I give food, hygiene products, compassion and mostly love until they can love themselves enough to want to get clean. I help each person with no judgement and with care and patience for the situation, making sure their most basic needs are met until recovery is possible. We give hats, gloves and coats . We give trauma kits that include antibiotic cream, bandages and tape as some intravenous drug users will have abscesses that need immediate treatment. I am different as I go to them and try to plant a seed each time I see them that they matter, that they are loved, and that there is a better way to live and that recovery is possible. I try and give them hope in a very low time in their life. It's like a war zone. These people are broken and lost. I try and look past the addiction and see them for what they truly are: people. And in this world we have to help each other. I couldn't help my son, but I can help others in his name.

On WBAL TV: Woman Helps Others Struggling With Opioid Misuse After Losing Son to Overdose 

-Gina DeMaria