An estimated 1.5 million dogs are abandoned each year in the United States; nearly 700,000 of those dogs are euthanized. That number is slightly lower as of just a few years ago, thanks to the unsung efforts of a growing rescue community. However, as training & behavior specialists with over 40 years of experience, we are aware that these statistics indicate a systemic neglect and misunderstanding of dogs that are too often labeled as “aggressive”, “dangerous”, or “unfit for human interaction”.

Here at Finding You Sanctuary nonprofit, we actively combat these heartbreaking statistics with a unique method and program. We first rescue and rehab dogs from local shelters & pounds around the greater Boston area. These dogs are then paired with veterans suffering from PTS(D) through a mutual selection process. This program focuses on cultivating a deep, life-long connection between the two that will aid in the management and reduction of PTS(D) symptoms.

As part of #GivingTuesday we are launching a Rescue Dog Spotlight, highlighting all the canine lives that have been saved using our particular method. These Rescue Dog Spotlights are true success stories to show you just how much difference you as a donor can make in not only saving a dog’s life, but a veteran’s as well! This #GivingTuesday, give the gift of life! We are so grateful for your support and your participation. From all of us at Finding You Sanctuary, thank you!