Meet Echo. Echo is an amazingly smart, friendly, and social dog. He came to our foundation not long ago, after he was diagnosed with skin cancer. We are very happy to say his cancer was treated successfully; however, in the process of treating him for skin cancer, it was discovered Echo had something much more sinister going on underneath his skin. Over 50 BBs were found throughout his body and head! Then, on 10/23/17, an MRI revealed Echo also has encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). The doctors who are treating Echo believe the encephalitis is likely caused by a type of protozoa and they placed him on several medications to help relieve the inflammation and kill the infection. Thankfully, the medications are working! He is improving and getting stronger every day. We look forward to his follow up visit with the neurologist in a few days. Echo continues to heal and is on the road to recovery. While it is evident Echo was neglected and abused, he amazes us with how happy, loving, and friendly he is. He absolutely loves going for walks in the park, playing and sleeping with his canine and feline friends, and visiting with people. And we can’t forget to mention how much he adores and loves his foster family!

Echo is just one of many animal friends that Kindred Souls Foundation volunteers and supporters help every day. Giving them a second chance and quality of life is our biggest joy and we are so happy to join the #GivingTuesday movement to help spread the joy of giving back to help animals like Echo!