Even if you have no opportunity to donate money or time to kick off this year’s holiday giving season, there are other great (and very easy!) ways to join in on the #GivingTuesday movement and support a great cause. You can give your favorite nonprofit organization a boost by simply signing up to take surveys through SurveyMonkey Contribute.

How do surveys and philanthropy go together? Nora Niesen with Guide Dogs for the Blind, a nonprofit in San Rafael, California, explains:

“We were surprised and thrilled when we started receiving regular checks for several thousand dollars at a time. Turns out one of our volunteers signed us up for the SurveyMonkey Contribute program, and in just a few months the program raised enough to sponsor the team training of a handler and guide dog. By now we’ve raised over $50K and we’ve been delighted with this support from SurveyMonkey.”

Guide Dogs for the Blind is one of the 50+ nonprofit organizations that benefit from the very clever program designed to give back through tech. SurveyMonkey Contribute’s reach is global, supporting causes from disaster relief to education, as well as organizations from local ones like Spark that raised over $100K through the Contribute program, to Boys & Girls Clubs of America that received over $1M in donations to increase the opportunity for at-risk youth. According to Boys & Girls Clubs, more than 50% of alumni say the Club actually “saved their life.”

The program is making a difference. Charity: water, for example, recently reported that thanks to SurveyMonkey Contribute, “635 people of Gairi Thaple and Devisthan Khara, Nepal, now have access to clean and safe drinking water.” Larkin Street that fights youth homelessness recently tweeted they’ve raised nearly $20K through their community and this program.

Chuck Brinker, Head of Operations, SurveyMonkey Audience, explains the program is based on a very simple but effective idea: when companies need market insights and want to survey a target audience they otherwise don’t have access to, SurveyMonkey helps them find survey takers through its Contribute panel. Respondents get a charitable incentive of $0.50 per completed survey that go to a nonprofit of their choice from the list of over 50 program partners.

“Since the program’s launch in 2011, these contributions have added up to over $11.5 million in donations, with tens of charities and millions of their supporters signing up to offer additional help to their communities,” said Brinker. “SurveyMonkey Contribute works so well because it makes it easy for anyone to give back, and for nonprofit organizations—to raise more money for their causes. The more people know about Contribute and how easy it is to help, the more additional funding participating nonprofits can get.”

The platform will also prompt respondents to answer questions to fill in the gaps in their personal profile like consumer preferences. Filling out these profile surveys also counts towards your donations, and the more detailed your profile, the more surveys will be sent your way by SurveyMonkey customers who are ready to give $0.50 per survey to your charity of choice in exchange for your quick feedback.

Leading up to November 28th, #GivingTuesday partnered with SurveyMonkey on a study* to explore the latest giving trends which showed that while the majority of Americans give in some way, 11% still didn’t do anything to support a nonprofit organization in the last 12 months. With 64% of those who’ve heard about #GivingTuesday planning to participate this year, the movement is gaining momentum every year, but some people remain on the sidelines.

“According to our joint study, most people who supported a nonprofit in the past 12 months say that they do so in order to ‘help the greater good’ (67%), ‘help a specific charity or nonprofit’ (67%), or ‘make a difference on issues that affect people I know’ (52%),” said Woodrow Rosenbaum, Executive Director of GIV3 Foundation and one of the founding partners of #GivingTuesday. “We hope to see even more people supporting #GivingTuesday this year and utilizing new online tools that make it really easy to make a difference.”

The beauty of the SurveyMonkey Contribute program is that anyone who wants to do these things and may be looking for a different way to give back, can simply go online and spend 15-20 minutes taking a few surveys to help tens of different nonprofits and causes. This might be exactly what the younger generation that’s not yet actively involved in charitable activities needs to start participating.

*1,002 respondents who participated in this survey were recruited via SurveyMonkey Contribute which means $501 will be donated to various charities as part of the #GivingTuesday movement.