Empower Women to Power the World on #GivingTuesday by Empower Generation

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and faces a number of challenges, including a lack of affordable energy access and widespread gender inequality. Empower Generation, a Nepal and U.S.-based nonprofit, is working to address these challenges through women’s entrepreneurship. About 25% of Nepalese do not have access to electricity. Instead they are forced to gather and burn wood or purchase expensive kerosene, which gives off toxic fumes. A lack of access to affordable energy negatively impacts women and children the most, as they spend the majority of their time collecting fuel and are exposed to indoor air pollution from cooking within the home. At the same time, there is vast inequality amongst men and women in Nepal.

The 2016 Gender Development Index ranks Nepal as 144 out of 188 countries. Women lag behind men in terms of years in school, income level, and access to property rights. This along with systemic poverty leaves women marginalized and vulnerable to slavery and human trafficking. UNCIEF estimates that 7,000 Nepalese women and children are trafficked to India every year.

The best way to solve these issues is to empower Nepalese women to start their own clean energy businesses, selling life-changing products such as portable solar lights, solar home systems, water filters and clean cookstoves to their rural communities. Through training and capital support, Empower Generation has helped 20 women-led businesses hire 300 sales agents across 12 districts in Nepal; providing 294,626 people with cleaner, safer access to light and power; saving families over $2 million in household energy expenses; and displacing 12,843 tons in CO2.

This #GivingTuesday, we aim to increase our impact exponentially through our campaign #Empower600, training 600 Nepalese women to become clean energy entrepreneurs. We are using #GivingTuesday to reach out to our network and beyond through social media, newsletters, and personal appeals, sharing the stories of the exceptional women we work with—like entrepreneur Runa Jha, a widow with three children, who when talking about her business says, “I want to give employment to the unemployed. This is my dream.” If this #GivingTuesday, you want to empower women to power the world, please contact us at info@empowergeneration.org. We would love to talk about how we can work together. For more information visit: www.empowergeneration.org.