Clothing Our Kids (COK) is a local 501(c)(3) organization located in Sussex County, Delaware. Our mission is to improve the lives of at risk elementary school children by providing them with appropriate school clothing. In Sussex County, many children do not have essential school clothing which has a direct negative impact on their self esteem, their school attendance, their ability to learn, and can lead to bullying. COK works directly with the Sussex County school system, with the school nurses, counselors, and social workers to identify those students who are in need of help.

Too often, due to severe economic difficulty, a child is dropped off with a grandparent, family friend, or neighbor with only the clothes they're wearing. What's worse is this person is often no better off than the parent who abandoned them and this is where COK can lend a hand. When contacted by an appropriate school official COK will supply a child with 5 new school outfits including shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, socks and a warm winter coat as needed.

During the 2016-2017 school year COK distributed 20,663 articles of clothing to 3,825 children in 33 local schools. Distributions from our 2012 inception totals 61,282 articles of clothing to 11,525 children. We are a 100% volunteer organization, we pay no compensation, no benefits, and have minimal overhead costs. Clothing Our Kids is dependent on monetary donations from individuals, businesses, and social organizations to fulfill our mission and with their support we hope to never say "No" to child in need.

Funding from Giving Tuesday would help us to buy the shirts, shoes, pants, and other clothing we need to respond to emergency situations. On behalf of the Sussex County Delaware children who are in need of school clothing, we sincerely appreciate your consideration.