Each summer, Camp Unalayee grants half of its campers "Camperships" - scholarships that help low-income youth have a summer camp experience. We want to share one of summer 2017's Campership recipient's stories about how the opportunity to attend summer camp has impacted her life:

My name is Celena, and I have attended Camp Unalayee for two summers. As I look back on the past summers I can remember how amazing the time I spent was during my ten days. I have so many memories with my fellow campers and the counselors. From making friendship bracelets by the lake to covering strawberries in chocolate then eating them all with my new friends it was amazing. All the greenery around us was refreshing it is great to be unplugged from my electronics for a while. We really got to enjoy the nature. On one of my hikes it started to hail and when it stopped we got to see lightning close up, it was exhilarating. This camp helped me get out of my comfort zone and even make some new friends. Everyone was so different but because of this camp we came together to have an incredible summer of fun. The friendships I had made before camp became much stronger as well. My friend went to camp with me when we were in fourth grade and we only got closer, she is applying to come this year as well. I can not believe a camp could bring vastly diverse people together to enjoy the outdoors and make everlasting bonds. I will never forget my memories from camp and I hope to create some more.

This #GivingTuesday we are trying to raise $15,000, so that campers like Celena can return to camp.