This giving story comes from our #MyGivingStory contest. You can share your story and your chosen nonprofit organization could win a $10,000 grant, or another prize.

Visit the contest gallery for inspiration and to vote for your favorites. Today's story comes from Mary, who is inspired by the generosity of young Michaela to take care of homeless people:

Michaela West inspires me to give. I have worked with her mother to help teach kids safety awareness for a long time, but Michaela has inspired us to give on an entirely new level. Michaela's birthday is two days before Christmas and just before her 5th birthday, she realized she received too many gifts each year. She decided to ask friends to give "Christmas Eve Boxes" to those in need in lieu of bringing presents to her party that year. The following year, she decided to create bundles of necessities to give to the homeless that she would see on the streets of Baltimore and Washington, DC. This led to the creation of Bundles of Love. But don't take my word for it, watch Michaela tell her story and inspire you, too!

- I wrote this in support of Arizonans for Children, INC

To watch Michaela's video for this story in the #MyGivingStory contest, go to this page and click on "Vote".